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Bonds and Warrants in Harris County, TX

Q: What is a bail bond?
A: Bail is when some form of cash has been deposited or pledged to a court for the release of someone arrested in that jail. This is done so on the understanding that the suspect will return to court of their trial, or they will forfeit the bail.
Q: What information do I need to have to get started on the bail?
A: The arrested person's name and date of birth.
Q: How much does it cost to post bond?
A: This fee can vary, please call to recieve a quote.
Q: I need a bail bondsman, what are my responsibilities?
A: If you are signing for someone or signing for bail, you are responsible for the full amount of bail posted. You are also responsible for the defendant to appear at every court date set.
Q: What if the person arrested does not show up to court?
A: Fugitive recovery agents have 60 days to find the suspect, and you are responsible to help them find him/her.
Q: What happens if they are not recovered after 60 days?
A: You will be responsible for paying 100% of the bond amount.
Q: How long am I responsible for the bond?
A: You are responsible until a verdict is entered on the case.
Q: What if the person is found guilty?
A: The verdict doesn't matter we are only responsible for guaranteeing they show up to court.
Q: What if the person bailed out receives jail time and there is a balance on the bail?
A: Then balance is due no matter what happens in court.